ACTION ALERT: Critical E-Bike & Traffic Safety Bills Need Your Help Before February 2nd

Joint Committee on Transportation

  • H.3549 & S.2273, An Act to reduce traffic fatalities
    • A multi-issue bill that requires sideguards on large trucks, defines "Vulnerable Road Users," clarifies 3+ foot passing, and standardizes crash reports throughout the state. (Note: There are many versions of this bill, however MassBike prefers the House version from Rep Moran + Rep Straus, since the Senate version puts undue burden on bicyclists to have red rear lights, and we prefer education and lights distribution as a means to mitigate enforcement and encourage the use of red rear lights at night.)
  • H.3457 & S.2309, An Act relative to electric bicycles
    • Defines e-bike categories, aligns low-speed e-bikes with bicycles instead of mopeds, and helps to create sensible regulations statewide

Please direct your emails to:

Rep William M. Straus, Chair - [email protected]

Rep Marcos A. Devers, Vice Chair - [email protected]

Sen John F. Keenan, Vice Chair - [email protected]

Your State Senator and State Representative:

CC: [email protected] so we can keep track of your efforts


Politics is all about relationships, so please stay involved! If you don't know the staff of your local State Senator or State Representative, introduce yourself and express your concerns, and listen to their points of view. Going forward, we encourage you to follow some of our priorities on our legislation page and keep up with our action alerts. 

Thank you for your support in this effort and our ongoing pursuit of better bicycling through legislation in Massachusetts.

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