What is a bike breakfast?

An event where you hand out coffee and food to commuter cyclists as they pass by as a form of encouragement

How to organize

1) Set a location/date/time! 7:30am-9am is typical, but cater to commute patterns in your area. Choose a location that sees lots of bike commuters (but check with your town or city regulations to see if there are any regulations for where streetside food stands are allowed).

2) Set up a food/drink donation! Collaborate with a local business and work out a deal for donating food or drink to be distributed. You can offer the business lots of free promotion, as cyclists should be coming by in large numbers. Coffee and bagels/donuts are a classic! Check with your local Board of Health to see if you need to request a permit for handling food; these are usually easy to get but you must give at least a  few weeks of notice.

3) Gather volunteers & advertise! Assemble a team of volunteers to staff the tent. Get out the word so that commuters know where you all will be setting up!

4) Set up your station when the big day comes around! 

Try to bring: 

  • A pop-up tent
  • A folding table
  • A clipboard to capture names+emails
  • Postcards made out to your mayor/city council thanking them and making the case for more bike/ped infrastructure
  • Bicycling resources, like regional trails maps, information from your local bike/ped group, bike safety information (Bike League’s Smart Cycling Pamphlet is good)

5) Flag down riders as they pass by! Share some food, some drinks and some friendly conversation with fellow riders! Make sure to take photos & send them to MassBike!

Something to consider: Can you do this all by bike? See if someone has a trailer to make it totally pedal-powered!




Don’t be afraid to reach out, MassBike is here to help you organize! You can reach us at [email protected]

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