MassBike offers bicycling education for all ages and abilities. We host classes both in-person and virtually to provide education statewide. You can find a list of the types of education courses we offer below along with some online resources.

Bicycling Basics | Youth Education | Adult Education | Basic Bike Maintenance | Workplace Lunch & Learns


Bicycling Basics

How to Ride

We teach how to ride classes for all ages that go over the basics of smart and legal cycling.

Online Resources:

Commuting basics

Our commuting basics covers a range of topics for the everyday bicyclist:  from types of bikes and carrying options, to locking up, to clothing tips, and how to decide your best route and avoid the most common crashes. Bike commuting is great for your health and the environment, our class will help you feel empowered to start doing everyday trips by bike.

Online resources:

  • CyclingSavvy’s online resources are focused on bicyclists who want to get comfortable riding with traffic.

Winter riding

Our winter riding classes focus on bike & body. We discuss what clothing and layers we recommend and how to modify the bike to fit the weather, and we'll cover tips on how to change up how we ride for routing and snow clearance

Online resources:

  • League of American Bicyclists What to Wear video covers some tips for cold-weather layering and visibility. 

Youth Education 

We work to educate youth throughout the commonwealth through Bike Safety classes and Bike Rodeos. We work with the Massachusetts Safe Routes to School Program and have instructors available to teach youth courses statewide. You can learn more about Massachusetts Safe Routes to School Program and request a program through their website.

If you have a high schooler looking to get into mountain biking, check out the New England Youth Cycling at 

Adult Education

We teach classes for adults across the commonwealth on a variety of topics- from how to ride, to commuting, to bike maintenance basics we can tailor a class to suit your interests. 

Online resources:

Basic Bike Maintenance

Our basic bike maintenance classes cover the ABC Quick Check and what you should make sure you carry with you during your ride. We can also teach you how to fix a flat to keep you rolling.

  • Before you ride you should always check your ABCs- Air, Brake, Chain.
    • Air: Check to see that your tire is inflated to the proper psi suggested on your tire. Tires have suggested ranges. 
    • Brake: Your brake levers should move smoothly and engage approximately halfway through the lever’s movement. If the lever pulls all the way to the handlebar, your brakes are too loose. 
    • Chain: Your chain should look clean, not rusty or dirty. 

Online Resources:

Workplace Lunch & Learns

MassBike offers Workplace Lunch & Learns on a variety of topics. From commuting basics to winter riding, we have done both on-site and webinar format courses to help get people riding.

For on-site Lunch & Learns, we offer basic mechanic services which include a Quick Check of the ABCs to ensure bikes are ready to ride and can refer you to a local bike shop for any bigger issues we may find.

Reach out to us at [email protected] to learn more about how to book a class with MassBike for any of the topics listed below. Pricing depends on the type of class, in-person or virtual, and group size.

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