What is a group ride?

A ride with a set route & a leader that encourages riders to join

How to organize

1) Choose a time/date and a rain date. Consider weekends if you are intending to ride with folks who work Monday to Friday. 

2) Determine a route. Think about the kind of ride you want and cater the route to that. Do you want elevation? Do you want leisure? What populations feel comfortable riding in the street with traffic? What populations may be left behind based on where the route starts and ends?

3) Decide on the type of ride. Is it beginner-friendly? Is it no-drop (no one left behind)? What is the intended mileage/pace? What is the terrain- will it be all paved? Will there be dirt?

4) Choose a lead & two sweeps. The lead will set the pace, ride at the front, hand signal to cars, and signal obstacles to the pack. They are the primary eyes of the group and keep riding continuously if the ride is “drop.” The sweeps stay to the back of the pack and are there to fall behind with any riders who need mechanical assistance or a slower pace. Make sure the lead and sweeps have each other's contact information so that riders who draw a flat can catch up to/locate the rest of the group.

Day-of Checklist

  • Go through a safety talk
  • Talk through the route and pacing
  • Bring tools for mechanical issues + tubes for multiple sizes
  • Bring a medical kit
  • Bring water and snacks
  • Take photos and send them to MassBike at [email protected]
  • Optional: You may want to have folks sign a waiver (Example: Waiver used by Quincycles)




Don’t be afraid to reach out, MassBike is here to help you organize! You can reach us at [email protected]

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