How to Host Lights Brigade - Webinar & How To Guide

Our Lights Brigade program is brightening up cyclists across Massachusetts by distributing sets of front and rear bike lights. Thanks to recent volunteers in Woburn, Cambridge, Arlington, and Newton (shown above), cyclists in their communities are riding bright. Lights Brigade events allow advocates to engage with local riders, while also making sure they are riding bright and legal at night. These events are critical to help provide education about why cyclists need to use bike lights across the Commonwealth and we need your help to ensure cyclists in your community are riding bright.

MassBike recently hosted a webinar to decrease the barrier to hosting Lights Brigade events by shedding some light on the hosting process. Each year, we get more volunteers than hosts and we need advocates like you to step up to ensure bike lights are getting distributed to local riders. Below we've outlined the hosting process to help empower you to plan your own Lights Brigade event!

Hosts vs Volunteers


  • Plan the distribution event
  • Get lights and materials shipped to you
  • Responsible for coordinating volunteers and communicating with MassBike


  • If there is an event planned in your area, MassBike will give your contact info to the event host
  • There is no guarantee that there will be an event in your area

Lights Brigade Host Responsibilities

  • Determine the date/location of your event
  • Coordinate with MassBike to receive lights and approve publicity
  • Be the main contact for volunteers
  • Attend the event and distribute lights
  • Report back to MassBike about the event and send any photos

Lights Brigade Street Corner Distribution Example

  • Step 1: Determine the date/time/location & request lights via our Volunteer Form
  • Step 2: Recruit Volunteers (at least 3 is suggested)
    • Volunteer 1: Flags down riders
    • Volunteer 2: Attaches lights
    • Volunteer 3: Takes photos/chats with rider
  • Step 3: Coordinate with MassBike for publicity/extra volunteers
  • Step 4: Show up to your designated location & start flagging down bicyclists!
  • Step 5: Let MassBike know how it went & send any photos


Below you'll find the link to our Lights Brigade Webinar and you can view the slide deck.

View the Webinar Recording

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