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This Web presence provides a very useful tool to connect with other bicyclists and share information about events.

  • Chad Gibson said vehicular cycling doesn’t work. That 50 year old meme keeps going around and around. Chad, maybe bicycle driving (the preferred expression now) doesn’t work for you because you think that is what you are doing, but actually it is not. I have ridden as Deborah Huber suggests for 40 years in Boston and suburbs without a single collision with a car. That does not work? Deborah, I want to discuss this with you, please look me up, I am easy to find online.

  • There’s a practical technological fix to this problem, which I haven’t seen anyone put forward: sensor on trucks to warn the driver of the impending conflict and perhaps to stop the truck automatically. Such sensors are already present on many vehicles. In the context of a large truck, the cost is very moderate.

  • Lee Hollembeck — Then you’re doing the best you can. May the force be with you. (And apologies for the blog’s somehow not giving my complete name. It’s John Allen)

John Allen
John Allen 105sc
40-years of bicycling advocacy; utility and recreational rider; League and CyclingSavvy Instructor; member Waltham Bicycle Committee and Charles River Wheelers Board of Directors