Legislative Wins!


- The Municipal Modernization Bill passed and includes language that allows cities and towns to set lower speed limits and to establish "slow zones." Speed is a major factor that contributes to crashes as well as the severity of injuries suffered in a crash. This is an important step towards changing dangerous behavior on our roadways and was a key recommendation of the Vision Zero Coalition. To learn more about the coalition and our work click here.

- The Bike Lane Protection Bill passed in the House! This bill will still need to advance during informal Senate sessions this fall in order to be signed into law but we are following this one closely and are in touch with our partners on Beacon Hill to ensure that it passes.

- The Vulnerable Users Bill is currently parked in the House Steering and Policy Committee which is effectively a holding committee that will like re-activate the process this fall. If passed, the bill would create a three-foot passing law.

- A transportation bill with multiple provisions was passed and included important language to modify the Complete Streets program to ensure that it remains effective.

Work to do -

- The Truck Side Guard Bill, which would require a "lateral protective device”, or commonly known as a truck “side guard” and convex mirrors on trucks, did not move forward this session. While we are disappointed, we hope that the efforts to pass this bill can be picked up again next year in the new session.

- The Crosswalk Bill, which would make it legal for a bicyclist to cross a crosswalk without dismounting and give them the same protections as pedestrians did not move forward. There will be a new version of the bill refiled during the next session.

Next Steps -

The process begins again! We will meet with bicycle friendly lawmakers who have supported bicycle bills in the past to sponsor and file new bills and try and revive ones that didn’t make it through during this session. Once new bills are filed, we will call on the community to help rally behind the cause. Stay tuned!

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