Nicholas LiVolsi

I thought they would help get Cyclist OFF THE SIDEWALKS and back on the STREET.

But to date and after my two sidewalk cyclist hit and runs in 2013 and 2014 ABSOLUTELY NOTHINGS HAS CHANGED.  There are more cyclist riding the sidewalks along with scooter and electric scateboarders.

Thanks for my injuries they still hurt today as I turn 79 in December.

  • How can you get cyclist off the sidewalks? Everyday in a two blocks from my Flat I run into a cyclist on the sidewalks.

    Today walking home two cyclist weaving through pedestrians. I have at 1,000 pics within this year of cyclist and now scooters that are more dangerous than being hit by a cyclist which I have, twice.

    MassBike can you get cyclist and other recreational vehicles off the sidewalk. I was once a member but this request went on deft ears.

    Nicholas LiVolsi

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