Robert Rosofsky

  • I agree with John O’Toole. But it’s complicated. First, some votes are “voice” votes and the legislators cannot be identified. Some votes are “roll call” votes, whereby the votes of legislators are recorded by name and can thereby be identified.

    From some searching, I believe that this is bill # H3072 (“H” stands for house; see From downloading the “journal” for 1/3/2017 at, I found that the bill “was adopted, in concurrence.” So I think it was a voice-vote in the House.

    The bill was sponsored in the Senate by William N. Brownsberger, and was S2534.

    So much for democracy. It would be great if we could get more detail on our legislature’s actions. It would be helpful for MassBike to provide the detail, to its membership, when possible, of how our legislators voted on a bill of interest. Then we can thank them or criticize them, as appropriate.