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The MassBike team works tirelessly to make our roadways safer across Massachusetts and make bicycling better for every rider. From our legislative advocacy, educational programs, and more, we’ve had some major wins this year, all thanks to the support from generous advocates like you.

“An Act to Reduce Traffic Fatalities”, which went into effect on April 1st, defines “vulnerable users” to include everyone from pedestrians and cyclists to wheelchair users, equestrians, and roadside workers. The new laws include:

  • Safe Passing: Motorists now have to give vulnerable road users a “safe passing distance” of at least 4 feet.
  • Rear Red Light Requirement: All cyclists riding at night are now required to use a front white light, rear red light, and a red reflector.
  • Crash Reporting: The state must provide a standardized reporting form and public dashboard in place for crashes involving bicycles and pedestrians.
  • Truck Safety Devices: State-contracted trucks over 10,000 pounds will be equipped with side guards, mirrors, and backup cameras to minimize right-hook dangers.
  • Safer Speed Limits: Municipalities now have clearer guidelines on how to lower speed limits in densely populated areas. 

By defining vulnerable users in law, we can build policies to create a roadway culture that protects those most at risk on our public ways.


To support our ongoing efforts in creating a safer biking environment for riders of all ages and abilities, we're offering a limited-edition MassBike water bottle to all donors who contribute $100 or more to our summer fundraising campaign. The design pays tribute to Massachusetts and the diverse riders who enjoy bicycling across the state and are a great way to show your support for MassBike's mission on every ride.

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Together, we can pave the way for a safer, more bike-friendly Massachusetts. We are making big gains together, and your support keeps us rolling toward a safer tomorrow! 

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