Massachusetts E-Bike Rebate Update: April 2024

The Massachusetts Clean Energy Technology Center (MassCEC) recently launched a Request For Proposals (RFP) for program administration and evaluation for a statewide electric-assist bike pilot incentive program. The program is slated to begin in Summer 2024 and will provide targeted incentives to residents across Massachusetts to purchase an e-bike. 

The goal of the program is to increase access to e-bikes as a reliable form of clean transportation that can reduce greenhouse gas emissions, decrease vehicle miles traveled, and support individuals lacking transportation access. MassCEC acknowledged in their RFP that e-bike adoption across the Commonwealth has been limited because e-bike costs are often inhibitive for low-to-moderate income (LMI) households. This program aims to support e-bike adoption among LMI households while supporting the Commonwealth’s environmental goals.  

The program will provide point-of-sale rebates that decrease the cost of e-bikes for Massachusetts residents. Enhanced incentives will be provided to Massachusetts residents who meet income criteria or qualify for an adaptive bicycle.

MassCEC’s Request for Proposals outlined the following incentives for the program:


Total Incentive Amount

Eligibility Criteria

Moderate Income

$800 or up to 75% of the total ebike cost 

• Must be a MA resident; and  

• <400% of the Federal Poverty Line (“FPL”) adjusted for household size. 


$1200 or up to 90% of the total ebike cost 

Must be a MA resident and meet one of the following criteria: 

 • <225% of the FPL adjusted for household size; or 

• Individuals participating in a means tested program; or

 • Individuals with a demonstrated need for an adaptive e-bike.  

Ancillary Incentive

Up to $150 not exceeding 100% of the cost

The ancillary incentive may assist with the purchase of a helmet, a lock, a floor pump, and/or lights. This is an adder for the Moderate Income and Enhanced incentives.  

For reference, please view the federal poverty guidelines at this link:  


To qualify for either incentive, individuals must present proof of residency in Massachusetts. Individuals applying for an enhanced incentive must also provide documentation to verify proof of income or participation in an income-qualifying program.

Applicants applying for either the enhanced or the standard e-bike incentives must apply before their e-bike purchase. Incentives must be redeemed within sixty days of notification of issuance. Incentives not redeemed after sixty days will be awarded to a different applicant.  

The program will be geared at reaching underserved populations, similar to the current MassCEC funding pilot programs, like MassBike’s Worcester E-Bike Program. MassBike has seen first-hand how e-bikes can be utilized by low-income individuals in the Worcester area as a means of reliable transportation. Since the program launched in August 2022, our 98 program participants have ridden over 60,000 miles and avoided an estimated 33,118 lbs of CO2 emissions by utilizing a non-commuting mode of transportation.

This request for proposals is just a preliminary outline of the program that is anticipated to launch in Summer 2024. The design of the program may be adjusted by MassCEC throughout the program.

The deadline for the RFP is May 24th and you can view it here:

At this time, MassCEC’s RFP is the most up-to-date information we have available. As MassBike learns more details about this upcoming statewide e-bike rebate program, we will provide updates.

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