Brighten Up Cyclists in Your Community with Lights Brigade!

MassBike is on a mission to shine bright lights across the Commonwealth! Our Lights Brigade program is kicking off another season to brighten up cyclists across Massachusetts by distributing sets of front and rear bike lights. 

In the past year, Lights Brigade Hosts and Volunteers distributed over 3,000 lights in more than 30 municipalities across the Commonwealth. This year, Massachusetts updated the law to require cyclists to have both front and rear lights when riding at night. This program is more important than ever and we need your help!

There are two ways to engage with the Lights Brigade program: donate to fund lights or volunteer to host/support an event.

Help Us Raise Funds to Brighten Cyclists in Your Community 

Last year, you helped us raise the money to distribute over 3,000 lights across the Commonwealth! Just $10 covers the cost of distributing one set of lights to a rider in need (that includes the cost of the lights, shipping, and staff time to manage the program).

Join us in raising money for your region & fund bicycle lights to be distributed in your community. Choose your region's fundraising page and donate below to support lights for your community.

Volunteer to Host or Join a Local Event

We’re seeking volunteers to host Lights Brigade distribution events in their community. The classic Lights Brigade format is where you choose a street corner or trail that's popular with bicyclists to hand out lights during commuting hours. But you can also host a distribution event during your local farmer's market, Safe Routes to Schools bike rodeo, or any community event that attracts cyclists. All we ask in exchange for the lights is for some photos from the event and to report how many lights you distributed.

We also encourage volunteers to sign up to join events in their community, we'll do our best to connect potential volunteers with hosts. If there aren't any events in your region, we may ask if you'd be interested in hosting!

Sign Up to Host or Join an Event Today

Want to learn more about the program and how to host an event?

Join our Lights Brigade: How to Brighten Up Cyclists in Your Community webinar on Monday, October 16th at Noon. MassBike Staff will guide you through the hosting process and answer any questions you may have!

We look forward to your support of our Lights Brigade program, MassBike won’t stop until every rider is bright.

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